INSTID experts speak at professional conferences. They are available for media commentary on the subject of national identity, as well as on place, personal and corporate branding.

INSTID is a research institute as much as a consultancy. We pursue our own research into the matters of national identity, ideology and collective belonging. For specific projects, we recruit social psychologists, experts in semiotics, anthropology, historians, artists, musicians and calligraphers. INSTID is supported by an international advisory board that meets annually in Croatia and contributes to INSTID’s knowledge on an ongoing basis, verifying its methods and results. INSTID also holds research trips to study ideological traditions and exceptional places. Since 2010, we have conducted annual trips to Silicon Valley to study pioneering organisational culture management practices in major tech corporations.  We research classical principles of urban planning and social development in places of old glory, such as Florence, Italy, or the Principality of Seborga.